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Med Day

Med Day

On the 5th of April 2022, Michael Heagney, Adam Jeziorski, Callum Connolly, Aelisha Jazz and I were given the chance to visit Trinity College for Med Day with Ms. Mulhall.

Med Day was a day for students in second year who had an interest in science or math, and might want to do something in medicine once they finished secondary school.

We all met in reception after tutor and got a taxi to Trinity College. When we got there, we walked around the campus for a few minutes while we were waiting for people from other schools to arrive. The campus was beautiful.

Once everyone was ready, we all walked over to the sports complex and into a huge sports hall. There was about nine or ten tables set up, each with a different thing on them. We split up into two groups, Michael, Adam and Callum in one group and Aelisha and I in the other, and went to different tables.

The first table we went to had a few CPR dummies, and a student from Trinity taught us how to give CPR properly, and after let us all have a go on the dummies.

After that we went to a different table, and learned all about epinephrine and where to inject it. Once the student at that table had explained all about them, we were given an EpiPen with the needle and epinephrine taken out, and got to practice on each other.

The next table was really fun. We learned what to do when someone faints, and how to treat them. And once we had learned, we tried it on each other in pairs. After that, we learned about blood pressure and heartbeats, and learned how to use a cuff to measure blood pressure.

The last table we got to go to before we had to leave was looking at x-rays. The student at this table had a laptop with images of x-rays, and talked us through them all. Then, he showed us images of when there is damage to a bone or organ, which was really interesting. After all that, we were brought onto the other side of the hall and were given lunch. We got a sandwich, fruit, drink and a cookie. We just chilled for a few minutes after that.

Finally, once everyone had finished their lunch, we were brought to a lecture hall and got to ask all the students questions. All the students there that day were majoring in medicine, all different kinds, so it really gave us all an idea of what we might like to do if we wanted to do something in medicine after school.

All in all, it was a really amazing experience and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to go.

By Sophie Addie



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