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6th Year Trip to Poland

September 2022 - 6th Year Trip to Kraków, Poland.
6th Year Trip to Poland

6th Year Trip to Kraków

On September 21st, students of the 6th year History classes headed off to Dublin airport, to travel to Kraków, Poland. The remarkable four-day trip was packed with activities and trips to very important historical and culture sites.

Day one, saw the students visits the spectacular St Mary’s Cathedral, the Wawel Castle, the Royal Cathedral, the Jewish District and the Galica Jewish Museum.

Day two, the group confronted the traumatic history of the Holocaust as they visited Auschwitz and Birkenau. The famous quote from Elie Wiesel rang through on this visit “human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere”.

Day three, the 6th years ventured 135 meters deep into Wieliczka Salt Mines. Countless steps, salty walls, a tight squeeze into a miners’s life and smiling faces were all part of the experience. The group also visited Schindler’s Factory Museum. The exhibitions were uniquely designed to present the impact of World War II on Poland.

On the final day, 6th years spent their day at the Polish Aviation Museum. They saw planes belonging to Hermann Goring along with the Spitfire and Messerschmidt and other key fighters from WWI and WW2.

What a fantastic experience with impactful moments and memories to last a lifetime.

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