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Amazon Workshop for 2nd Year Students

Amazon Workshop for 2nd Year Students

Girls Tech Day

On the 2nd of December, 25 girls from TCS 2nd year went to Amazon for girls tech day. They took us inside the building and gave us goodie bags and T-shirts. We met an ambassador who told us why it was important for girls to also be part of tech companies like Amazon Web Services. She said that currently, only 1/4th of tech companies employees were girls. They showed us that computer science jobs were important.

We got to experience some technology. First, we went to a room with many VR goggles. My friend Samina was completely amazed by how realistic it was when she tried them on. I was too. We had lots of fun there. VR is also very helpful, because when you can’t go somewhere you can still learn with VR. In the goggles, we could see a windmill and we learnt the parts of it.

Next, we went to a Lego robotics room. We built a robot out of Lego and connected it to an iPad. In the iPad, we coded it to move forward and backward and play car noises. Me and Samina were both smiling when it worked. We worked out the problems together and made the robot do all sorts of things. It was fascinating to watch something actually happen in real life rather that just on the screen. They told us that robotics is useful to reach places that humans can’t go. We saw a clip of a robot on mars and a drone above a volcano.

They provided us with lunch We ate at a lounge area with colourful seats and balloons. We played games and did fun science experiments. After lunch, we spoke to 5 women who were in the computer science field. They let us ask questions about their jobs and careers. We learnt a lot about how to go into a computer science job and why it is beneficial. The day was very entertaining and interesting.


By Hasini Pinnelli 2nd Year Student

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