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German Debating Team

German Debating Team

My name is Adrian and I am one of the team members of the German Debating Team. Being part of the German debate team was a pretty interesting experience. I personally enjoyed working with others on a team and how together, with our contribution and commitment, we all put in a great effort while at the same time having a bit of fun.

We worked on motions and soon had to get going with some research. Each one of us had our own part to play in it on the team. All of us were given a different topic to research and from this we wrote our speeches ourselves. We did have some help with the translation of the speeches from our teacher Ms. Knipschild and teacher assistant Chelsea. It really helped us work on building on more German vocab. We also worked on pronunciation and public speaking.

But it wasn't all work focused, since it was a small group everyone could get to know each other more while working together to win. On the day of the debate we worked our hardest to prepare the arguments, counter arguments and counter counter arguments. We also had fun getting the classroom ready for the video call and setting up a podium for our speakers. It was really enjoyable to get the chance to take part in an activity outside of the classroom. We were even treated to some pizza and cookies after our win. In the end we were all delighted that we managed to win and be part of this amazing experience.

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