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Life in TCS this year

Life in TCS this year

Covid-19 has changed so much of life today and school life is no different. Life in TCS this year is definitely a little different from last year but we know that we are lucky that we are able to go to school after all the time spent at home from March. We also know that we are all working together in this new way in TCS so that we hopefully come out the other end, healthy and happy.

The most obvious change of course is that we now have to wear masks all of the time. This has been difficult to get used to but we still get a chance to go outside and get some fresh air at break and lunchtimes. The fresh air and a break from the mask is always appreciated. Unfortunately, we don’t get to sit together in big groups in our canteen like we used to every lunch time but the good news is, despite the restrictions we still get our food from the canteen every morning, break and lunch and just take it outside.

Our classrooms of course look different. We don’t sit together in groups anymore but we are spread out and are socially distant. We also all have seating plans that teachers have given us because of contact tracing. At first I thought this was a bad thing if we are separated from our friends but the upside to this is that I have found myself talking to new people and making new friends. I now sit with across from people that have been in my year since first year but never got the chance to get to know them that well.

Another one of the many changes that Covid restrictions have brought to TCS is that we don’t use the changing rooms before PE. We now get to wear our PE uniforms all day instead of bringing it in a bag and getting changed. This is definitely one of the good things that has come out of our school this year because we have a lot more time to actually do PE because people aren't spending time getting changed. It is also a nice treat to get to wear our PE uniform for the day.

I think that there are many things that are different in school this year. Our lives have changed so much since this time last year. Sometimes, however, it's thinking about what is still the same that makes things a lot easier. We still have the same teachers, the same classrooms, the same subjects, the same friends beside us and the same end goal. To make it out of school alive! We might not always appreciate school all of the time but in these strange times it gives us all a sense of normality. Talking to friends in class, saying hi to teachers in the corridors, forgetting about tests, and hoping for no homework! The most important things are definitely still the same, despite all of the restrictions.

By Tara Farrell



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