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TY Play Review of 'The Cloudspotter'


The TY students went to see the play ‘The Cloudspotter’ on the 25th of November at The Classic Theatre. The play was about a teenage boy named Thomas who was getting into trouble for not going to school and for robbery. Thomas lives with his Nan. His Dad left him when he was younger and his Mum died when he was 14 years old. His Nan is in her 70’s and is starting to forget things. She later finds out that she has dementia and she only tells Thomas, her grandson. Thomas’s sister enters the play halfway through She is inpatient with Nan and wants to put her in a nursing home but Thomas refuses. Thomas wants to take care of his Nan but to do so , he needs to stop getting into trouble himself. At the end of the play, everybody finds out Nan has dementia. ‘The Cloudspotter explores the rawness of life. But deep at its core is the deeply felt love between and grandmother and her grandson. The play had great acting, comedy and amazing lighting on the set. We think it made a positive impact on the teenagers watching it because it shows the importance of helping your elderly family members and to stay away from trouble.

Student Review

By– Yaceen Boulehfa Chadly TY Student

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