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Student Voice

Student Voice

The student council of Tallaght CS consists of 20 students, with each year represented. The council will have regular meetings to discuss student issues which are brought to their attention from our students, teachers or management. The council looks at these items in detail and discuss ways in which action can be taken on them. Meetings take place between the Council and other members of the school community to try to address concerns among the student body and improve school life. They are also consulted by staff and management on policy changes or reviews and provide the students with a voice on these matters. Check out the Student Council notice board on the 1st corridor or the school website to find out more.

Student Council liaison teacher - Mr Eddie Grimes

Members of the Student Council 2019-2020

Kevin Okoeguale

1st year

Alannah McMahon-Page

1st year
Ayaan Idle

2nd year

Qiuri Zheng

2nd year

David Adugbole 3rd year

Ciara Moore

3rd year

Daniel Skerrit


Junior Outreach Officer

Kathy Okoeguale


Junior Outreach Officer and Vice-Secretary

Marilia Netto

5th year


Wealth Kadiri

5th year

Parent's Association Liaison

Jake Bushe

6th Year

Secretary and BOM Liaison

Kelly Okoguale

6th Year

Chairperson and BOM Liaison

Amy Mc Mahon

6th Year

Treasurer and Fundraising

Elizabeth Tinuoye

6th year

Christopher Higgins

(LCA) 6th year

Senior Outreach Officer

Student Council Constitution

The work of the Student Council

A Student Council is a representative structure for all the students in the school. It provides students with the opportunity to become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents. It should always work for the benefit of the school and its students.

  • Communicating and consulting with all of the students in the school; – Involving as many students as possible in the activities of the Council;
  • Planning and managing the Council’s programme of activities for the year;
  • Managing and accounting to the student council and Board of Management, for any funds raised by the Council.

The Student Council can be involved in many activities in the school.
Here is a sample of some Student Council activities:

  • Liaising with the Principal and Board of Management on issues of concern to students;
  • Communication and co-operation with school staff;
  • Working with Parents Council in school;
  • Co-operating with management and staff on the development of school rules and regulations;
  • Be involved in developing the curriculum in your school;
  • Involvement in School Planning;
  • Having a say in school policies e.g. anti-bullying policy;
  • Making suggestions about improving school facilities;
  • Extra-curricular activities;
  • Links with other schools;
  • Getting involved with the community;
  • Mentoring younger students;

2019-2020 Council activities

Student Council Training

We would like to thank Rob O' Donnell the Development Officer with the Irish Second-Level Student's Union our Student Council for an excellent day of training with our Student Council.

Our Council members found the training very beneficial and Rob was able to help them in advising them in their important work and goals our Student Council has laid out for the year.

Regional Student Council Meeting-UCD

Well done to the 5 Council members that were invited to attend the South Dublin Regional meeting in UCD on Tuesday. The feedback from the day from our members was positive and they represented the Council and our school with expected distinction in the debate and discussions that took place.

We would like to congratulate our Chairperson Adam Mc Dowell on being elected as an officer to the Dublin Regional Student Council. This is an excellent achievement for Adam and his family and once again shows the quality and ability of the students of Tallaght Community School.

School meals

Working with our Deputy Principal Mr Boran, the Council conducted a survey with students regarding our school meals at breakfast, break and lunchtime. The survey looked at student’s preferred meals for lunch, breakfast, small break and the organisation around the canteen and distributing the meals. The Council also met with the food providers and discussed the results of the survey with them to try and improve the experience for all our students. The Council continues to listen to students concerns and ideas on how to improve this very welcome service in our school.

Fundraiser for Crumlin Hospital

Well done to the Student Council on their very successful bake-sale fundraiser in December with all proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin.

An official presentation of the cheque to a representative from the Children’s hospital will take place later in the year.

Memorial Bench for the school garden

Work continues in conjunction with teachers and management on creating a memorial bench to be placed in our school garden when finished. This bench is an important project the Council are working on to try and commemorate in some small way our dear friends and fellow students that have tragically passed away. Due to be completed in May 2020.

ACCS Education Conference and Launch of the Student Voice Journal

“Student voice must be meaningful to the students and should ultimately arise from them and be led by them, with appropriate support and facilitation from teachers and school leaders.

It involves dialogue and consultation with, and the engagement and participation, of students, but with the full understanding that when decisions are made students are clear that they have had a say, and that they have been listened to and heard, and the reasons for decision are communicated to them in a clear and appropriateway.”

(Dr. Domnall Fleming, School of Education, UCC)

Well done to all our excellent students involved in promoting Student Voice at Tallaght CS. Special mention goes to all those TY and LCA 5th year students involved in the LIFT Leadership and Mentoring Programme with Ms Kelly. Also to all our fantastic representatives on our Student Council working hard with Mr Grimes.

We were delighted to have been working for the past two years with the Áine O’ Sullivan and the ACCS on developing Student Voice in our school. The last piece of work was our excellent presentation at the ACCS Education Conference on May 12th with over 100 people in attendance. We had Zoe, Tara and Marilia from TY with Nathan and Chris from LCA 5 volunteer to do a 15-minute slideshow Presentation on the benefits of the LIFT programme for Student Voice in our school. Our students really enjoyed listening and watching the presentations from Millstreet CS in Cork and Carndonagh CS from Donegal. As usual our students were brilliant and all those in attendance were very complimentary of the programme and our presentation.


Also, as part of this project the ACCS are producing a Student Voice Journal with contributions from all the Community schools involved and other education bodies working to promote Student Voice in Ireland. We had 8 members of the Student Council write fantastic articles on their experiences of Student Voice in school and during distance learning. We look forward to seeing their articles published in a national journal, a great achievement by our students. Thanks to our staff, Mr Boran, Mr Mc Carthy and Mr Lynch for supporting all our work.







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